The 3 Essential Services for Accepting Credit Cards (Ft. Authorize.Net)

There are 3 major services needed for accepting credit cards; Authorize.Net, Merchant Account and eCom Merchant Solutions. Each play an important role in the process to authorize, capture, and deposit transactions!

Authorize.Net Gateway

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway. This is an easy and secure way to enter credit card information for authorization, or view transaction details and receipts. Once the gateway has authorized the customers funds it sends a signal to the processor to capture and deposit. Transactions through Authorize.Net can be taken manually using the virtual terminal or through your website.

Merchant Account

The merchant account processor captures the authorized funds then ACH transfers the funds into your business checking account. An issuing bank, such as the one used by the merchant account processor, is required to move funds from the customers bank to yours.

eCom Merchant Solutions Inc.

eCom Merchant Solutions is your liaison for both your gateway and merchant account services. We not only help our merchants understand how the services work but we also facilitate the application process. eCom Merchant Solutions is an Oregon based company (est. 1997) and proud member of the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating) and Dun & Bradstreet (158792791). We have been recognized as one of the leaders in the credit card processing industry because of our innovation and unparalleled knowledge of our industry. More importantly; we are well known and respected for the outstanding service we provide.


Accepting credit cards has never been easier, start the application process today by visiting: https://ecommerchantsolutions.com/apply/

Have any questions? Give our office a call toll free at 888-362-7593. You can also reach out to us via our secure online contact form: https://ecommerchantsolutions.com/contact/

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