Authorize.Net Optimal Features

If you have an account with us at eCom Merchant Solutions or eReservation Payment Solutions the below list of features come with your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account! Please note, some features will need to be added, if you are interested in any of the below tools, reach out to our agents for instructions on how to activate those on your account! *Some features are subject to additional monthly costs.


Before you begin, Authorize.Net Account Settings Configuration:

Several basic fraud prevention tools are included with your Authorize.Net gateway account.  It is strongly recommended that you customize and use these essential tools as well as implement adequate fraud detection and prevention policies and practices within your business to protect your account from transaction fraud.  By clicking out the link below, you will go to Authorize.Net’s “Document Library”.  Once in the document library, under the “White Pages” heading; go to “Security Best Practices”



Virtual Terminal:

Designed for manual credit card entry allowing you to enter credit/debit card information as well as address information from orders that were taken via phone, fax, in person by e-mail.

Flexible Integration API (Application Programming Interface)

Designed for manual credit card entry by your customer via your online store/website.  The setting you choose when configuring your Authorize.Net profile will determine what information is required of the customer before the transaction will process.


*Automated Recurring Billing Service (ARB):

This is a powerful tool that enables you to implement scheduled recurring billing.  Once billing information is entered into the ARB system; ARB is completely automated – no manual entry of transactions is required with each billing. The process is simple. You will create an ARB “subscription” (using a subscription form similar to the Virtual Terminal) that includes the customer’s payment information, billing amount, and a specific billing interval and duration. The ARB billing service does the rest; generating the subsequent recurring transactions based on the set schedule. Subscriptions may also be created from eligible previous transactions and via batch upload. Additional ARB features include subscription management and search tools, which allows you to easily find and maintain individual ARB subscriptions.



eCheck offers you, the merchant, the ability to accept ACH (automated clearing house) electronic payments. This will open a new option on your account allowing you to input customers bank and routing information instead of a traditional credit card details for payment. This is tool is great if used in combination with Automated Recurring Billing and/or the Customer Information Manager tools. If you run a subscription service, or have repeat clients, this will help you from having to track down customers when their credit cards expire or are no longer valid.


* Customer Information Manager (CIM):

This allows merchants to create customer profiles that are stored on Authorize.Net’s secure servers. By providing quick access to stored customer information, CIM is ideal for businesses that:

  • Process recurring transactions where the date and/or amount is different each month (e.g. utility companies).
  • Are concerned with PCI compliance.
  • Want to provide returning customers with the convenience of not having to re-enter personal data.

The CIM API supports integration with a Web site payment form or a proprietary business application. The profiles, which include payment and shipping information, can then be referenced in future transactions, eliminating steps in the transaction process for repeat customers and potentially increasing customer loyalty.


*Fraud Detection Suite (FDS):

This consists of a set of customizable, rules-based filters and tools that can help you further strengthen the security and reliability of your gateway account by enhancing your current fraud detection and management practices. Additionally, the FDS will help prevent costly authorization and chargeback fees, and possible inventory loss; that often result from fraudulent transactions.

The following transaction filters and IP address tools are designed to compliment your current fraud detection practices based on custom settings you configure to match your business’s processing needs:

  • Amount Filter – Allows merchants to set lower and upper transaction amount thresholds.
  • Hourly Velocity Filter – Allows merchants to limit the total number of transactions received per hour.
  • Suspicious Transaction Filter – Examines transactions based on proprietary transaction behavior analysis.
  • Shipping-Billing Mismatch Filter – Allows merchants to identify transactions with different shipping and billing addresses.
  • Transaction IP Velocity Filter – Allows merchants to restrict the number of transactions received from the same IP address per hour.
  • Authorized IP Addresses – Allows merchants to designate specific server IP addresses that are authorized to submit transactions.
  • IP Address Blocking – Block transactions from IP addresses known to be used for fraudulent activity.
  • The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a standard feature of the payment gateway that compares the address submitted with an order to the address on file with the customer’s credit card issuer. Merchants can then choose to reject or allow transactions based on the AVS response codes. AFDS includes a new AVS filter that assists the decision process by allowing merchants the additional options of flagging AVS transactions for monitoring purposes, or holding them for manual review.
  • Enhanced CCV Handling Filter – Like AVS, Card Code Verification (CCV) is a standard feature of the payment gateway. CCV uses a card’s three- or four-digit number to validate customer information on file with the credit card association. Like the AVS Filter, the CCV Filter allows merchants the additional options of flagging CCV transactions for monitoring purposes, or holding them for manual review.
  • Regional IP Address Filter –Flag orders coming from specific regions or countries. You can choose to customize the filter actions based on an entire geographic area, or select country by country how to process transactions flagged by the filter.

* Invoicing:

Digital invoicing is a convenient way to send emails so you can bill your customers—they simply click a link in the email to pay you securely online, even from mobile devices. Invoicing is built into the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, so it works out of the box with no additional fees or customization.


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