MX Merchant Officially Using Newest Version

Starting tomorrow, Priority Payment Systems’ MX Merchant will begin automatically directing users to their newest version: MX6. This version has actually been available for a few months now, but was previously only accessed by adding a “/mx6” to the end of the normal URL. Tomorrow’s change means that the normal URL will now instead […]

Authorize.Net’s Akamai Update

Authorize.Net has sent out a few reminders about their impending switch to Akamai occurring on June 30th, but the other day they sent out an update stating that using Akamai will no longer be required by that date. JUNE 30TH MIGRATION TO AKAMAI SUREROUTE IS NOW VOLUNTARY, BUT REMAINS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED As communicated over the […]

The Importance of Valid Tax Information

Now that we have just gotten through the tax season, I’m sure taxes are the last thing on most peoples’ minds! However, one detail regarding them can still affect business owners at any time of the year: the tax information included on your merchant account. Do you know why it is so important for your […]

Authorize.Net Phishing Email

In real life, fishing can be pretty fun, especially if you hook a big one! Online phishing is never fun, though, because usually you are the one being snagged on a hook. We’ve posted about these kinds of scams in the past but now we have a prime example to show you, involving a very important […]


Recently, merchants who process using the First Data platform experienced a batch error when attempting to batch out at the end of the day Sunday, 4/10/16. For those using a card swipe terminal, this meant they needed to re-attempt closing out or batching their transactions at a later point. However, those using Authorize.Net or other […]

Christmas Celebration Ideas

Here at eCMS, we love the holiday season! Every December is full of laughs and cheer around the office. We break out the decorations and put up the tree as soon as we can. This may be the season of giving, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s easy to show your employees […]

EMV Promotion

Now that we have lived in an EMV-required country for almost a week, hopefully the anxiety is starting to fade as using chip-cards becomes the norm. We’ve talked about the EMV deadline in multiple blogs over the past year, but now that it is really here, we wanted to cover the basics again. As of […]

Authorize.Net API Security Certificate Upgrade

Authorize.Net has been making some pretty big upgrades to the back end of their service recently, in an effort to remain as secure as ever and keep up with changing technologies. Some of these updates do require merchants to take action in order to implement them properly, though. A prime example of this is the […]

Study: 42% Increase in Mobile Shopping From 2014-2015

Thank you so much to msCommerce for contributing this guest blog! With the continued adoption and ownership of mobile devices, consumers are now more reliant on their smartphones and tablets than ever when purchasing items online. A recent study showed that mobile commerce is growing by 42 percent annually. 33% of online shoppers said they made […]

Mobile Processing

Our home city of Portland, Oregon has been having an unusually hot summer this year, as are many other cities around the country. When the sun is shining, it can make it hard to want to be stuck inside. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you weren’t tied to a physical location, and instead could go […]

American Express OptBlue: Differences & Benefits

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, American Express (AmEx) has a new program called OptBlue. This program has been developed with the goal of getting more small businesses to accept AmEx by simplifying the account setup and maintenance process, in addition to lowering costs. In the past, even though your agent office set […]

3rd Party Merchant Services VS Traditional Merchant Accounts

If you are a business owner, hopefully you are already aware how important it is for you to accept credit cards. (If not, check out our blog for 15 great reasons why.) In looking at your options, you have probably come across some 3rd party merchant services and may be wondering what the difference is […]

Reward Cards

The majority of credit cards nowadays provide some kind of reward for using them. Whether this reward is airline miles, points to be redeemed for prizes, or even straight cash, more and more people are using these cards to get the most out of their money. For merchants, though, reward cards can be a double-edged […]

Moving Your Business or Merchant Account

As exciting as it is, moving into a new home can also be incredibly stressful. Understandably, moving your business can be even more so! Between downtime, setting up new phone systems, and misplacing computer cords, there is a lot to take care of. Here at eCMS, we can understand this difficulty on a personal level […]

Spring Cleaning Your Statement

Spring is in the air! When you think of spring cleaning, you probably think about everything you need to do to get your home in tip-top shape. You might not realize that your merchant account may need some spring cleaning, as well! Here at eCMS, we offer rate reviews upon request for our valued clients. […]

April Fools – Avoiding Scams

This year has already seen an increase in the amount of discovered scams, especially involving tax filing, and that number is not likely to decrease any time soon. To prevent most of these scams, though, all it takes is being knowledgeable about them as well as knowing how to protect your sensitive information. Currently, the […]

April Fools – Avoiding Fraud

We are now in the heart of April, which means we’ve made it through another April Fool’s Day. Just because the holiday for tricks is over, however, doesn’t mean fraudsters are taking a break ‘til next year. Luckily, there are many ways you can protect yourself, your business, and your customers. One beneficial way to […]

Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm

As the most frequently used search engine in the world, Google has a lot of influential power behind it. Due to this fact, the upcoming change to its search engine ranking algorithm is very important for all ecommerce websites. Starting on April 21st, when a user conducts a search via a mobile platform – such […]

Information Roundup: Authorize.Net Downtime & American Express EMV Promotion

Today, we have a brief information roundup for you! First, Authorize.Net released a system downtime notification last Friday, 3/06/15. On Saturday, 3/21/15, they will be implementing some updates to their payment gateway system. The announcement further specified, “Beginning at 10:30 PM Pacific time, there will be up to a 15 minute period of time in […]

EMV Switch: Chip-and-signature VS chip-and-PIN

As most of you are probably aware by now, October of this year (2015) is the deadline for merchants to update their terminals and card readers to accept Europay/Mastercard/VISA (EMV) compatible credit cards. Any merchant who chooses not to do so by that time will be accepting full responsibility of any fraudulent charge claims for […]

Authorize.Net Optional Feature: eCheck.Net

This week we are finishing off our four-part series about Authorize.Net’s Optional Features! We have shown you how to beef up your fraud protection, set up automatic transactions, and save your customer’s billing and shipping information. Now, we will take a look at Authorize.Net’s eCheck.Net. eCheck.Net (commonly called simply eCheck) is a payment solution that […]

Authorize.Net Optional Feature: Customer Information Manager

For the third week of our blog series focusing on Authorize.Net’s optional features, we are going to be looking at the Customer Information Manager (CIM). Just like Automated Recurring Billing and Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, there is no additional set up cost or charge to use CIM. This feature allows merchants to create customer profiles […]

Authorize.Net Optional Feature: Automated Recurring Billing

This week, we are going to take a closer look at Authorize.Net’s Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) service. Just like Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS), this extra feature is free to set up and use, and is designed to make the busy merchant’s life a little easier. Automated Recurring Billing is a powerful tool that allows […]

Authorize.Net Optional Feature: Advanced Fraud Detection Suite

As resellers of Authorize.Net, we fully believe that it is the best gateway option for our merchants. Beyond the fact that their authorization service is extremely reliable – achieving results within 2-5 seconds – the extra features that they offer add even more protection and convenience for users. They have four main optional features that […]

The Rise of Small Business

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news, economy forecasts, or even social media recently can tell that small businesses are becoming a Big Thing. It probably would not even be going too far to label 2014 the ‘Year of the Small Business.’ Let’s take a look at what is helping small businesses grow […]

15 Reasons Accepting Credit Cards Helps Your Business

If you are a business owner that already has a merchant account with eCMS, then you know all about the perks that come with accepting credit cards. However, if you are new to merchant services and are wondering what all the fuss is about, this blog post is for you. Accepting credit cards is a […]

Authorize.Net Holiday Newsletter Highlights

Authorize.Net recently sent out their Holiday Newsletter, and it contained a myriad of good information. The announcement we were pretty excited about here at the eCMS office was that they are expanding merchant support hours! Authorize.Net’s customer service is now open Monday-Friday 24 hours a day, and also Saturday 6am-2:30pm (PST). It is usually best […]

Tap That – My Tap To Pay Experience

Today we have a guest blogger! Check out our friend Jeff Daly’s insight into, and personal experience with, tap-to-pay: It has been promised for years, but today actually having a wallet in one’s phone is now a real option. The media’s love affair with all things Apple has made Apple Pay very visible in the […]

PCI-DSS Information & History

As ecommerce began to grow in popularity in the late 1990’s, credit card companies quickly began to realize the need for a security standard that would protect both cardholders and the merchants running their cards. After a few years of trial and error, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI-DSS, were created. The […]

CVC – The What and Why

If you have purchased something online in the past, chances are that you were required to enter your credit card’s card verification code, or CVC. However, since it is something that is not usually required in our day to day proceedings, many people are still caught off guard when suddenly asked for this code. It […]

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