The 3 Essential Services for Accepting Credit Cards (Ft. Authorize.Net)

There are 3 major services needed for accepting credit cards; Authorize.Net, Merchant Account and eCom Merchant Solutions. Each play an important role in the process to authorize, capture, and deposit transactions! Authorize.Net Gateway Authorize.Net is a payment gateway. This is an easy and secure way to enter credit card information for authorization, or view transaction […]

Need To Know: Interchange Pricing

If you’re currently on an interchange pricing structure or considering making the switch from tiered/flat rate to interchange, the below information and chart may prove helpful! Interchange Fees are charged by and paid directly to the card issuing brands such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (AMEX).  Interchange pricing is the lowest pricing structure for […]

Authorize.Net Optimal Features

If you have an account with us at eCom Merchant Solutions or eReservation Payment Solutions the below list of features come with your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account! Please note, some features will need to be added, if you are interested in any of the below tools, reach out to our agents for instructions on how […]

How to use Authorize.Net’s Virtual Terminal!

By popular request, we’ve set out to create a step-by-step guide for using the Virtual Terminal provided by Authorize.Net. Please note, the Virtual Terminal is for keying in transactions manually for things like telephone orders / MOTO (Manual Order, Telephone Order).   Step 1: Log In to your Payment Gateway Account: Log in at Authorize.Net […]

6 Easy Steps to Start Taking Credit Cards

We know the process of accepting credit cards can be confusing with a lot of steps. We wanted to breakdown the process for a better understanding and make this as simple and stress-free as possible. Here are the 6 Steps to setting up your Merchant Account and Payment Gateway ID with eCom Merchant Solutions: 1: […]