Kristie Kliese, Company CEO and Founder

Kristie founded eCMS in 1997 with the goal of setting eCMS apart from her competitors.  The premise of this goal was simple: to treat the merchants she worked with the way she would want to be treated, placing emphasis on honesty & integrity.  She also recognized that innovation and on-going education (in the credit card processing industry) were key elements to the company’s growth.  This forward thinking landed her in the position to be not only one of the first resellers of the Authorize.Net gateway, but one of the first preferred resellers.  She was a pioneer in providing Internet based merchant accounts and the gateway to some of the first online merchants.  It was an exciting and welcome addition to her knowledge in working with Brick & Mortar merchants.  Today, Kristie is still just as passionate about eCMS, and is proud of the numerous awards and customer testimonials that have contributed to her quest of reaching her goal.  The greatest love & joy of Kristie’s life is her four beautiful children and her two grandchildren.