Spring Cleaning

It’s finally April, and we are seeing fewer days of rain and more sunshine here in Portland. Happy Spring!

Did you know that in April & October of every year, the card networks (like Visa and MasterCard) review their credit card processing fees and make the decision whether or not to increase them? When these increases take place, they occur nationwide. Meaning, they affect any merchant who processes credit cards. This could be a sign that your credit card processing fees are much higher than when you first signed up for your merchant account.

It’s time to get your spring cleaning kicked into gear. We can offer you a free Rate Comparison, to make sure you
are getting the lowest rates. We’ll double check things you may not have been aware of, like: “Are you using Address Verification to ensure you’re receiving the lowest discount rate?” or “Are you keeping up with your PCI Compliance, and avoiding fees associated with not being compliant?”

Best of all? If we can’t save you any money, we’ll tell you. We won’t trick or bribe you into a contract; in fact, we don’t even have a contract. For your free Rate Comparison, have one of your current monthly statements handy, and give us a call toll free at 888.277.3332. Any one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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