Study: 42% Increase in Mobile Shopping From 2014-2015

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Photo Credit: Håkan Dahlström via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Håkan Dahlström via Compfight cc

With the continued adoption and ownership of mobile devices, consumers are now more reliant on their smartphones and tablets than ever when purchasing items online. A recent study showed that mobile commerce is growing by 42 percent annually. 33% of online shoppers said they made at least one purchase through their smartphone, while 20% said they did so via their tablet. It is expected that this trend in mobile commerce (or mCommerce) will continue to rise in the coming years as new forms of technology, such as wearables, are able to provide a more convenient way to shop.

Apply the most innovative solution to your business process
It is no secret that companies who innovate their processes often tend to be the most successful in their field. With the help of the various available technologies, businesses are no longer finding it difficult to offer the most innovative solution to their clients/customers. For mCommerce, applying secure online payment options is the way to get your business started on the right path.

Simplify, but with full functions
Often, in the aim of providing a complete service to customers, businesses forget the important aesthetic elements necessary in building a mobile application and a website. First, you will have to consider the viewing experience of the app and web user via their device. For applications, make sure that the content is well-organized with a simple color scheme and intuitive viewing experience even on a smaller screen. Do not make an app where users will be redirected to a mobile website. On the other hand, mobile websites should maintain a simple user design with organized content, less text, and more focused on what your business can offer.

Tip: Consider connecting your website to the app, where both share a single system for the shopping cart. Online shoppers love viewing their previous transactions, ongoing shopping cart, and the previous payment information they’ve used on the web through the app and vice versa.

Future trends in mCommerce
To make sure you stay ahead of your competition, here are some of the upcoming trends that you should watch and prepare for:

1. Social media mobile marketing will continue to rise.
2. Responsive emails to clients and customers will be necessary.
3. Built-in money conversion will be in demand.
4. Wearable shopping experiences will be booming soon.
5. Security will remain the main concern of many shoppers in the coming years.

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