Is it already that time of year again?

Fake cobwebs decorating local small biz shelves, the smell of decorative pinecones in the air… Or is Starbucks’ early release of the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte throwing off our sense of when Fall starts?

Either way, we’re a month out from October. If you read our Spring Cleaning blog, you would know that April & October are the months of the year that the card networks (like Visa & MasterCard) take a look at the fees they currently charge merchants and decide whether or not to increase them – and by how much. When these increases take place, they’re across the board. Any merchant who accepts credit cards will be affected.

The good news is that these increases are pretty small, so if you’ve just started to accept credit cards at your business, you probably won’t even notice them. However, if you’ve been accepting them for a while, the increases might be starting to show. You could be paying much more than when you first signed up with your processor.

If you’ve been with us for a while, give us a call. We’d be happy to review your rates and see how we can save you money. If you don’t work with us, but are thinking about switching processors, we can definitely still help! Fax us the last 3 months of your current processing statements (503.496.5337), and we’ll find any areas you may be spending too much. In the meantime, try not to overdo it on that pumpkin spice.

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