Discount Rates to Spare

eCMS Bowling

What a great night to go out with the eCMS crew and unwind with some good ol’ bowling! We picked names out of a hat to decide our teams and the games began! We stuffed ourselves with amazing appetizers, and our night was filled with laughter. Not to mention we got a crazy good discount that allowed us to play multiple games!

“Discount” can mean a lot of things. In our case, we had enough people bowling, that we got a free game. In the case of a merchant accepting credit cards, it can mean the Discount Rate. The Discount Rate is the percentage taken out of each transaction. These percentages can vary, seeing as a retail merchant with a point of sale (POS) system will be able to receive lower rates by physically swiping the card, and a merchant who accepts mainly corporate or out of country cards will receive a higher discount rate. What Discount Rate you pay all boils down to security. Here’s a breakdown of the possibilities:

The Qualified-Discount Rate is the lowest rate available to merchants, and it can be attained when a credit card is present and can be successfully “swiped”.

The Mid-Qualified Discount Rate is second lowest rate available to merchants, and it can be attained when the credit card is manually keyed – into your POS terminal or through your ecommerce website. To ensure that you get the Mid-Qualified Discount Rate, it is important that you enter all of the following:

  • Order/Invoice Number
  • The Card Holders Billing Address including Zip Code
  • The Credit Card Verification (CCV) code found on the back of the credit card

The Non-Qualified Discount Rate is the highest rate available to merchants, and you will receive it if:

  • An out-of-country issued credit card is used
  • A Corporate or Government issued credit card is used
  • Some Rewards credit cards are used
  • The credit card is manually keyed but the card number, address, zip code, and CCV code have not been entered or are entered incorrectly

As you can see, Discount Rates can be tricky. That’s why at eCMS we make sure to let you know what you need to do in order to get the best rates & have the lowest fees. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to coach your bowling league any time soon.

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